Molly Hatchet, Various Venues, 1979-1981

I first saw Molly Hatchet at New Haven Coliseum on February 17th, 1979 when they were the opening act for Outlaws. I happened to be at the show early and caught the band doing their sound check. One of the songs they performed was John Valby's "Shit House Blues" - I'm not sure they ever recorded it, but the old lady who worked at the Coliseum on the cleaning crew ran out of the hall in horror. It was kind of hysterical, and I knew then that they were going to be huge. So did my friend Steve [Whyland] because shortly after that concert, Hatchet hired him to be their Sound Engineer. Joy went with him on the tour with him, and I got an open invitation to go out and take pics. 

The first tour I did with them was the World Disaster Tour that was supporting the Flirtin' With Disaster album that had just come out. I believe these photos are from the show at University of Colorado from that tour.
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