STARZ, Alpha Waves Studio, Oct 22, 2021

I've known the guys in STARZ since the mid-1970s. My ex girlfriend, Tracey Turner (aka Spacey Tracey from WPLR in New Haven) met their sound engineer (Steve Whyland) on the train coming back from NY one day and the rest, as they say, is history. Tracey, Steve, Steve's girlfriend Joy Hillis, her cousin Pam Ostrov, Pam's boyfriend Mick Kluczynski and all lived together at my house in Westport, CT at one time. But I digress.

STARZ doesn't play together very often anymore, but when they get together for some reunion shows, I'm there. This particular occasion was for as Richie Ranno (lead guitar) put it, a Rocumentary. The plan was for a sound check in the afternoon, followed by some wide shots from fixed camera positions and some shots from a SteadyCam. All of these shots are from the afternoon sessions before the invited audience of about 50 people was allowed in. The guys did 3 a song set, 3 times so that all the wide shots could be done. Sadly, lead singer Michael Lee Smith and drummer Joe X. Dube couldn't make it for the show, but the guys who sat in were awesome.  See for yourself.
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