1974 Z/28 Camaro Type LT

This was the second new car I'd ever owned and the first one I purchased without borrowing any money from my dad. Or the bank. I paid cash for this one. Truth be told, this wasn't my first choice. That would have been the red Z/28 with a 4-speed manual transmission and black interior that was on the lot at H&L Chevrolet in Darien. But when I went over to drive the car, the salesman looked at this 21 year old kid with bellbottom jeans and hair past his shoulders, and told me "come back with a parent."  I was pissed, so I drove straight to the Chevy dealer in Westport. They had this car (above) in stock and when I asked for a test drive, they handed me the keys. I wasn't thrilled with the vinyl top or the automatic transmission, but it was a nice car. I handed then $5,250 in cash and the car was ready for me the following day. These are the only two photos I have. The one on the left is my car behind my friend Bob Kyker's Mercury Capri. The one on the right is my younger brother John and his friend Debbie on the way to their High School Prom.
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