1996 Mazda Miata (NA)

My first Miata was my answer to replacing the 1965 TR4A that I wrecked (another story) with something a bit more modern. This time I went Japanese and bought a 1996 first-generation (NA) Mazda Miata base model from a nice woman in Darien, CT. It seems she and her husband were pregnant and a 2-seat sports car didn't factor into their plans. Lucky me. 

They we asking $4,500 for it and that's what I paid. The car had about 27,000 miles on it and was in really good shape, so there wasn't an issue with the cost. Over the years I replace the center console with one that had cupholders, and added roll hoops and a dual exhaust system so the car would sound as good as it looked. I kept this one for quite a while - until a 1991 "barn find" Arctic White Nissan 300ZX showed up on Hemmings.  
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