2009 Mazda Miata (NC2) Sport

This car came from Expo Motors in Houston, TX.  I had been very specific about what I wanted the car: It had to be black on black. It had to have 50K miles or less on the clock. It had to be a 5-speed. And it had to cost less than 10K. I found exactly 7 cars in the entire US that matched my requirements. Most of them were all clapped out or from private citizens. This car was the only one that was from a dealer and didn't look like it had been beaten up. So the day after I sold the Nissan, I hopped on a plane, flew to Houston and bought the car.

During my ownership, I made a few modifications to the car.  I replaced the steering wheel with a flat-bottomed JDM (Japanese Domestic Market) factory wheel. I upgraded the exhaust to a Cobalt system and installed a Cobalt short-shifter from Moss Miata. I also swapped out the factory wheels to something a bit more stylish, painted the brake calipers red, and had the fabric covered seats redone with black and red leather covers from Katzkin Leather. The car was done. It was updated exactly the way I wanted it to be. 

And then I got the Porsche bug.
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