1969 Mach 1 Mustang

This was car #2, and it wasn't just "any" Mustang. This mustang was a 1969 Mach 1 Mustang with a Q-Code (non-ram air) 428 cubic inch motor, 4-barrel Holley carb that was good for a rated 335 hp. Outside of a Shelby Mustang, in 1969 you couldn't get a bigger, badder Mustang from the factory. The car also had a 4-speed manual transmission with the factory optioned Hurst t-handle shifter. In addition, this one was optioned with the luxury faux wood interior trim and white high-back knit vinyl bucket seats. I took this car to college in August 1971 - that's me standing in front of it the day I left for school. Thank God premium gas was only $0.21 a gallon in 1971, because this car got 6 miles to a gallon on the interstates and 4 mpg around town.

I bought it from Stamford Motors on South Street and paid $1,995 in 1970. Today, this car would be  over $100K.  I have only one photo of this car, and it's of the day I left for college. The other photo is of a similar car that was recently up for auction. Smaller engine but same color scheme.
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